All About Waterford Crystal

Brand: Waterford Country HQ: Ireland Year Founded: 1783

Company Status: Active Founded By: George and William Penrose

Makers of: Crystal, China

Description: The history of the Waterford company began in 1783 but came to a pause when the original company of William and George Penrose was closed in 1851. In that span of operation, Waterford's reputation had grown very large, so in 1947 production began again through a factory that was inspired by the old Waterford pieces. In 1970, this company was purchased by Waterford and renamed as Aynsley China. After a quick series of ownership and partnership changes, the Waterford brand presently operates as part of the WWRD company, along with Wedgwood and Royal Doulton.

Waterford is generally most known for its exceptional crystal, though they have some china patterns as well. Their crystal patterns are extremely elegant, but perhaps what really makes them stand out compared to other sets is the high quality. Because they are so well-made and gorgeous, many imitators have tried to copy Waterford's designs, but none can truly compare to the real thing.

Some of Waterford's most famous patterns include Powerscourt, known for it's heavy durability, the exquisite Araglin with its criss cross cuts, and the flared and sparkling Ballyshannon.

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