Sell Your China, Crystal & Stainless Steel Flatware To Us

Dear Seller,

At Classic Replacements, it is our pleasure to help you sell your China and Tableware items hassle-free and for the best price. Unfortunately, we have been swamped by many requests that are either irrelevant to what we buy (not tableware for example) or by people not wishing to sell but just want to know the value of their items.

We would love to be able to accomodate everyone, but we are a small business and need to ensure we don't waste the valuable time of our employees on frivolous requests.

Therefore, we have implemented a small handling charge of $2.99, which will hopefully weed out any unserious sellers and allow us to focus on those who truly want to sell to us.

Please be aware that this charge is non-refundable, regardless of whether we choose to purchase from you or not. Although your request might be relevant, we do not purchase every brand or pattern, so bear in mind that even if we are unable tto purchase from you, the charge is non-refundable.

Some of the reasons we may not purchase:

1) We already have these items.
2) Sales history indicates that these items are slow sellers.
3) It was discontinued too long ago and there is little to no demand for it. (Discontinued date of before 2000)
4) It was manufactured for a brief period of time, leading to very few buyers looking to replace it.
5) If there is too much of this pattern available online elsewhere because it was produced for a long period of time.
6) There isn't enough to purchase to warrant spending the time and money required (for either of us).
7) It would be cost prohibitive for you to ship your items at the price we can pay for it.
8) Your pattern is still being produced.  With current patterns, customers would rather buy “new, factory sealed in the box” than take a chance on a used item.
9)  It's not a well known major brand, leading to not as many customers having the pattern.  (Remember it's all about supply and demand). 
10).  We no longer purchase collectibles, sterling, or stainless plated.
If not purchasing we will however send you our helpful eBook which may assist you in selling your items.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope this will make the process easier and more efficeint for thiose truly looking to sell to us. Thank you.

To place your selling request, click here(Once payment has cleared and you get a confirmation page, please read that page carefully.  You then have to click the link provided to be redirected to another form, which is where you will enter your brand, pattern and items for sale). Please remember to look for this form.