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Waterford Castlemaine

All About Waterford Castlemaine

Brand:  Waterford     Pattern:  Castlemaine     Pattern #:  2231     

Manufacturer Status:  Active     In Production:  1988 - 2017

Description:  Regal pattern with diamond cuts.  Clear, multisided stem.

Theme:  Contemporary     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Good     

Best Uses:  Cocktails, Dinners

The Waterford Castlemaine pattern was created by Waterford of Ireland.  Waterford was established in 1783 by brothers William and George Penrose.  It was revived after World War II by Czech glassmaker Kael Bacik.  Spanning more than 2 centuries of craftsmanship, Waterford has extended its product portfolio from stemware to tableware, home accessories, indoor furniture and fixtures.  The trophies that they make for the PGA Tour of America and other award-giving bodies are definitely a treasure; and Times Square will not be complete without the Waterford New Year’s Eve Ball.

For stemware alone, Waterford owns hundreds of individual patterns.  Castlemaine is just one of them.  This pattern was named after a 13th century castle.  Waterford has become synonymous with crystal and is known for its clarity and brilliance that adds elegance to any table. 

So add spark to your parties with Waterford Castlemaine.  Entertain with class.   

Also available in gold-rimmed and cut versions. 

Our favorite is the Continental Champagne flute – truly chic!  

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