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Waterford Siren

 All About Waterford Siren

Brand: Waterford     Pattern:  Siren    

Manufacturer Status: Active   In Production:  2005-Current

Description: Round stem, smooth goblet,two cut swirls

Dishwashing Method: N/A     Secondary Market Value: Fair     

 Best Uses: Goes well with larger dinnerware

This Siren pattern has been in production since 2005 by the Waterford Crystal & China company, based in England formerly Ireland. The Waterford Siren pattern is not a typical Waterford pattern & distinguishes itself in several way from most other Waterford patterns, most notably the Siren pattern is different from other Waterford pattern in design & size. Generally a Waterford water goblet will range from 6" to 8"in height, the Siren patterns Water goblet is almost 10" in height. The design of the Siren pattern is a smooth & beautiful design with less etching & cut then most Waterford pattern as it only features two cut swirls on the goblet & no cutting or etching on the stem or anywhere else as opposed to other Waterford pattern like Waterford Kildare & Lismore which both have the Waterford starburst design cut on to the goblet & a cut stem. Although the Siren pattern differs from most other Waterford pattern it is an elegant pattern that goes well with larger dinnerware due to its larger then average size. 

Our favorite Waterford Siren  pieces are the candlestick as well as the large vase.

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