Lenox Serenade

All About Lenox Serenade

Brand: Lenox     Pattern: Serenade

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1984-1997

Description:  Ivory background, Pink flowers and green leaves on border, Thin sash edge, Gold verge and trim

Dishwashing Method: N/A     Secondary Market Value:  Strong    Best Uses: Formal and springtime   Theme:  Floral


This Serenade pattern was manufactured for 13 years by the Lenox China company, based in the US. Lenox Serenade is another of what we like to call  Lenox's "spring china patterns". It's soft floral decor of pink flowers and green leaves plus it's gentle multicolor rim topped off by bands of gold on the verge and trim all contribute to the aroma and freshness of "spring in the air." These types of Lenox china patterns differentiate markedly from the heavier designed ones such as Lenox Versailles or Lenox Autumn. Serenade also features many china accessories which make for fantastic gifts such as vases, candy dishes and ashtrays. Many of the Lenox Serenade serving pieces feature a beautiful bird, (possibly a cardinal) perched on a branch. This china pattern's versatility allows for it to be used on all sorts of occasions and seasons.

Our favorite Lenox Serenade china are the serving bowl as well as the salad dish. 

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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 16 1/8 in (11 5/8)
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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 13 1/8 in
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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 7 in (GLOBE 24)
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