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Royal Doulton Juliet

Royal Doulton Juliet


 All About Royal Doulton Juliet

Brand: Royal Doulton     Pattern:  Juliet      Pattern #:  H5077

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1982-1998

Description: Gold trim, grey border, small floral designs, gold verge, cream background

Dishwashing Method:  Handwash      Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses:  Formal springtime dining

This Juliet pattern was manufactured for sixteen years by the Royal Doulton China company, based in England.  The discontinued Royal Doulton Juliet pattern is part of Royal Doulton's romance collection as is made obvious by its name "Juliet" which most probably is based on the most famous romance story of all time, Romeo & Juliet. The Juliet pattern is the perfect pattern for springtime dining as its pattern gives off a wonderful springtime look, with its design of delicate floral bouquets & its light gray rim which work off of each other superbly well to make a smooth & elegant design. Royal Doulton Juliet is not what we would call a classic Royal Doulton pattern & may not always appeal to the mainstream Royal Doulton fan base. When comparing Royal Doulton Juliet to other Royal Doulton patterns like the Kingswood & Biltmore patterns which are more to the mainstream of Royal Doulton the difference in design is quite obvious & one can see why they would appeal to people with widely different taste. The Juliet pattern appeals more to the flowery side of people while many other Royal Doulton patterns like the ones mentioned appeal more to the organized & set design taste.