Royal Doulton

All About Royal Doulton China

Brand: Royal Doulton Country HQ: England Year Founded: 1815 

Company Status: Active Founded By: John Doulton

Makers of: China

Description: The Royal Doulton company was the result of a partnership between three people: John Watts, Martha Jones, and John Doulton. They opened a factory in London in 1815 and traded as Jones, Watts, & Doulton. Shortly after, Jones exited the company five years later, and the name changed to Doulton & Watts. During this time, the company primarily manufactured stoneware. After Watts' retirement in 1953, the trade name once again changed, this time to Doulton & Co. Doulton's son Henry also joined the business, launching a studio at the Lembeth pottery for artists. With Henry onboard and an A-list roster of artists decorating their china, Doulton began to rise in popularity after donating a font, pulpit, and altarpiece to the Anglican St. Alban's Church in Copenhagen. In 1901, King Edward VII sold the Doulton factory in Burslem, Staffordshire to the Royal Warrant. Doulton now operated as Royal Doulton, which solidified its place as a leader in the bone china world. Today, Royal Doulton is owned by Fiskars, who acquired the company in 2015.

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