Royal Doulton Carlye China: All You Need To Know

Royal Doulton Carlyle china (pattern number: H5018) is one of Royal Doulton's most popular patterns going on decades now. It's elegance and richness make it a prime example of the "good china". Originally manufactured from 1972 until 2001, the broad, rich teal band coupled with the floral designs in gold and accompanied by inner and outer gold bands make this pattern truly stand out and greatly increase the "wow" factor. The center design finishes this look with a central pop of color off a white background.


What you need to know about the Royal Doulton Carlyle china pattern:

This pattern has a number of products that are similar but with some changes in size or shape. Among them are the following:

  • The plate sizes are as follows: Dinner (10 5/8"), Luncheon (9"), Salad (8"), Bread (6 5/8")
  • There are two shapes and sizes for the teacups: One is footed and is 3" tall, the other is flat and 2 1/2" tall.
  • There are two sizes for the rimmed soup bowls: one is 8 1/8" in diameter, the other 9".
  • This pattern has two types of sugar bowls: One with a lid the other open and without a lid.
  • This pattern has two sizes of oval vegetable bowls: One is 10 3/4" long, the other 11 1/4" long.
  • There are two sizes of tureens: 7 1/4", 3 quarts and 10", 4 quarts.
  • There are two sizes of oval platters: 13 5/8" and 16 1/2".
  • Among the interesting pieces made in this pattern are the Thimble, Pie and Cake Server, and Decanter & Stopper.

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