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Kosta Boda Palm Trees

All About Kosta Boda Palm Trees

Brand:  Kosta Boda     Pattern:  Palm Trees

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued     In Production:  1991 - 2003

Description:  Cobalt base, multi-color handpainted stem, and bowl is accented with black enamel.

Theme:  Tropical     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Fair     Best Uses:  Summer

The Palm Trees pattern was made by Kosta Boda of Sweden.  This bold design was intricately created by hand.  (It is both handblown and handpainted.)

Kosta was founded in Sweden in 1742.  The brand name is a contraction of the surnames of the founders:  Generals Koskull and Staël von Holstein.  Today’s Kosta Boda was formed through a merger of the glassworks in the communities of Kosta, Boda and Åfors.

What sets the company apart is its environmental consciousness.  Perhaps this is the reason why this collection has Palm Trees for inspiration.    

We love the Cordial Glass – perfect for ice-cold lemonade!  

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