Royal Crown Derby Derby Border

 All About Royal Crown Derby Derby Border

Brand: Royal Crown Derby      Pattern: Derby Border     Pattern #: A1253

Manufacturer Status:  Active  In Production:  1962-Current

Description: Gold rim, white background, gold checkered border & imari design border

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value:  Strong    

Best Uses: Formal dining

This Derby Border pattern has been in production since 1962 by the Royal Crown Derby China company, based in England. The Derby Border pattern is an exquisite & elegant pattern with a crisp design on a clean looking white background , which makes the Derby Border pattern stand out from some other Royal Crown Derby patterns, not to say that other patterns by Royal Crown Derby are not beautiful & elegant but they do look quite a bit different from the Derby Border pattern in several ways while they also have some similarities. The Imari design in the border of the Derby Border pattern is what identifes the pattern with Royal Crown Derby, however if you look at other Royal Crown Derby patterns like Old Imari & Traditional Imari as they both have a more cluttered design taking up more of the dish then the Derby Border pattern does, which leaves the center of the dish open & clean looking. The Derby Border pattern itself is quite an interesting name for a china pattern manufactured in England since the word "Derby" is the name of a town on the US & Canadian border which may have been the inspiration for the name Derby Border for the china pattern since it is a border town. Wherever they name Derby Border came from it is a most fitting name for this gorgeous pattern with its beautifl design & exquisite imari border design.


Our favorite Royal Crown Derby Border pieces are the sugar bowl as well as the dinner plate

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