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Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in the world, having begun its legacy in 1750. André Planché, a porcelain crafter, established the first china works in Derby, England. His work drew the attention of William Duesbury, a popular porcelain painter. The two formed a partnership and founded Derby China Works. Planché left later, leaving Duesbury to keep the business going—and that he did. Calling on accomplished painters to collaborate on new china pieces, Derby China Works was becoming very popular. In 1770, Duesbury acquired the famous Chelsea China Works, which propelled the company forward. Five years later, Derby China Works was recognized by King George III, allowing them to include a crown into the backstamp, renaming it Crown Derby. Duesbury died in 1786, leaving the company in his son’s hands. William Duesbury II massively impacted the success of Crown Derby, bringing in extremely talented ceramic artists to take the china to new heights. After he passed away in 1797, the company experienced a decline until it was restored by Robert Bloor in 1811. Bloor rejuvenated the excitement around Crown Derby, and his efforts were rewarded. In 1890, Queen Victoria gave the company her seal of approval, granting them the title “The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company”.

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