Royal Crown Derby

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Brand: Royal Crown Derby Country HQ:  Year Founded: ~1750 

Company Status: Active Founded By: William Duesbury I

Makers of: China, Collectibles

Description: Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, porcelain manufacturers in the entire world, with an official history dating far back to the year 1750. William Duesbury was a porcelain painter who quickly pur Derby Porcelain on the map by striving for an extremely high quality of tableware. His own experience coupled with his business ambition helped him to choose talented artists and sculptors for his team. In 1770, Duesbury acquired the Chelsea factory, which provided both resources and an expansion to his available workspace. Just a few years later around 1773, King George III took notice of the company and it was renamed Crown Derby.

After Duesbury's death and some changes of ownership through the family, the company came under the ownership of Robert Bloor. Bloor had an eye for good looks, and under his ownership, many bold and brightly colored patterns were made, such as the popular Imari patterns. However, he died in 1845 and the company was closed shortly after in 1848. His influence and that of his predecessors lived on when the company reopened again in 1877 and was met with great popularity. So much so, in fact, that Crown Derby once again got the attention of royalty, this time in the form of Queen Victoria, who granted them the name The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company.

Since that time, the company has continued on with its legacy of success. After a couple changes in ownership, the name is currently with Steelite International. Some of Royal Crown Derby's most popular patterns include Old Imari, Blue Mikado, and Red Aves.

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