Royal Crown Derby Brittany


 All About Royal Crown Derby Brittany China

Brand: Royal Crown Derby     Pattern: Brittany     Pattern #: A1229

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1960-1997

Description: White background, Thin gold trim and verge, Geometric pink chain with plants border 

Dishwashing Method: N/A     Secondary Market Value:  Fair    Best Uses: Formal


This Brittany pattern was manufactured for 37 years by the Royal Crown Derby China company, based in the UK. While Brittany has all the fine characteristics of Royal Crown Derby China, mainly superior quality and craftsmanship, it's style is not typical of it's brand. Many Crown Derby patterns tend to place heavy emphasis on the "Royal" and the "Crown". Brittany seems to be much lighter, softer, in a way informal when compared to the strict formality that Crown Derby excels in. But this is only in relation to the usual Crown Derby style, on it's own this bone china pattern can stand toe to toe with any other formal china patterns out there. It's rings of pink geometric circles encompass colorful plants and are surrounded by glistening gilt. A Royal Crown Derby Brittany dinner plate is a delight to hold in your hands. Every piece is marked A1229, which is it's pattern number.

Our favorite Royal Crown Derby Brittany pieces are the dinner plate as well as the tea cup and saucer

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