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Lenox Landmark Gold

 All About Lenox Landmark Gold

Brand: Lenox     Pattern: Landmark Gold     

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1997-2005

Description: classics collection, gold laurel

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Formal 

This pattern was manufactured for 9 years by the Lenox company, based in the United States. Landmark Gold is part of the presidential collection and features a gorgeous gold laurel design. This isn't just any standard gold detail. It is much more detailed, giving off an air of royalty and regality. If you want a set that makes a bold statement, then this one is definitely worth trying out. Turn your table setting into a landmark of its own. You will love the impact this pattern has on your collection, adding a strength and royal beauty that's hard to match.

Our favorite Lenox Landmark Gold pieces are the salad plate as well as the creamer.

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Size: 8 1/4 in, Excellent/Flawless


Size: (IMPERFECT), Excellent/Flawless


Size: 8 1/8 in, Excellent/Flawless


Size: 10 7/8 in, Excellent/Flawless


Size: 4 7/8 in, Excellent/Flawless

10 item(s)

Size: 3 in, Excellent/Flawless

11 item(s)

Size: 6 3/8 in, Excellent/Flawless

3 item(s)