Lenox Blue Brushstrokes

Brand: Lenox

Pattern: Blue Brushstrokes

Dishwashing Method: Handwash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Blue Trim

Material: Bone China

Status: Discontinued

In-Production: 1984 – 1993

Blue Brushstrokes is one of the beautiful dinnerware patterns by Lenox. The dinnerware pattern was introduced in 1984 and served in the productions for nine years before getting discontinued in 1993. It features a white background with a dark blue trim at the corners. The smooth blue brushstrokes coming from the trim is the actual highlight of the dinnerware pattern.

It's amazing how beautifully this dinnerware pattern highlights the delicious food served in it. Your folks are going to have an amazing time on the dinner table. You can get various utensils, including salad plate and flat cup & saucer set in the dinnerware pattern.

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