Royal Doulton Harlow

 All About Royal Doulton Harlow

Brand: Royal Doulton     Pattern: Harlow     Pattern #: H5034

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1974-2001

Description: floral, gold trim

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Good     Best Uses: Evenings, Formal

This pattern was manufactured for 28 years by the Royal Doulton company, based in England. These pieces are adorned with beautiful gold and blue floral patterns that have a unique, geometric appearance, all surrounded by a classic gold trim. They seem best suited for dinner use in the evenings or for occasions where you would like to impress guests. Of course, the Harlow items look amazing when not in use, too, as just the right addition to any collection.

Our favorite Royal Doulton Harlow pieces are the dinner plate as well as the rim soup bowl.

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9 item(s)

Size: 10 5/8 in, Excellent/Flawless

24 item(s)

Size: 8 1/8 in, Excellent/Flawless

13 item(s)

Size: 6 5/8 in, Excellent/Flawless

9 item(s)

Size: 3 in, Excellent/Flawless

22 item(s)

Size: 3 1/4 in, Excellent/Flawless

1 item(s)

Size: 10 7/8 in, Excellent/Flawless

1 item(s)