What you need to know about the Spode Chelsea Garden pattern:


This Chelsea Garden pattern was manufactured for 36 years 1952 - 1988) (by the Spode China company, based in the UK. There are two Spode Chelsea Garden patterns, one with a gold trim, and this one with the mustard trim. The plates feature the same style of red, blue and gold flowers, but they vary in size, shape, placement and arrangement. Most people are not particular as to the exact motif they have since they all go well with each other, but there are those who collect a specific layout for all their plates. If you are one of them, be sure to specify what you are looking for. This pattern's influence is Asian in origin but has universal appeal. Soft, delicate flowers swirling about enhance the mood of a holiday meal.


This pattern has a number of products that were produced. Some to look for:


  • Dinner Plate (10 5/8”), Salad Plate (8”), Bread & Butter Plate (6 1/4”), Footed Cup & Saucer (2”)
  • Luncheon Plate (9 1/8”)
  • Square Luncheon Plate (8”)
  • The Rim Soup Bowl comes in 2 sizes: 8” and 9 1/4”
  • The Sugar Bowl comes in 4 styles: Sugar Bowl & Lid (2 3/4 in, 4 5/8”) Open Sugar Bowl (2”) and a Mini Sugar Bowl 2”
  • There is also an open rice/sugar bowl at 2 3/8”
  • The Creamer comes in 3 sizes: 3 1/4” in, 8 OZ, 4 ½” 10 oz and a Mini Creamer 2 ½” 4 oz.
  • There are 4 sizes in Oval Serving Platter 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16”
  • Gravy Boat and Underplate (Relish) and Gravy Boat with Attached Underplate
  • The are 6 styles of Vegetable Bowl: 7” Square Vegetable Bowl, 8” Oval, 9” Oval, 10” Oval, 9” Square and an Oval Covered Vegetable Bowl.
  • Tureen with Lid and Underplate
  • Jubilee Platter (11”)
  • Square Handled Cake Plate and Footed Cake Plate
  • Round Covered Butter Dish
  • Muffin Dish with Lid
  • Single Egg Cup, Double Egg Cup
  • Butter Pat
  • Trivet