For Sale Solitaire by lenox Starlight by lenox, and Sheffield by Fostoria

Solitaire by Fostoria
8x dinner plate 25.99 each
9x salad plate 16.99 each
8x bread and butter plate 4.69 each
8x footed cup 16.99 each
9x saucer 6.99 each
8x coupe soup bowl 43.99 each
1x creamer 89.95
1x gravy boat 139.95
1x sugar bowl and lid 49.99
1x 8 inch vegetable bowl 59.99
1x 10 inch vegetable bowl 69.99
1x 16 inch oval serving platter 149.99
56 pieces in all, can have all for 1300.00 (plus shipping)
can pick up or ship
Fostoria Sheffield glasses
8x champagne 18.00 each
8x iced tea 41.99 each
8x claret wine 43.99 each
24 pieces in all, can have full set 715.00 (plus shipping)
can pick up or be shipped

Starlight by Lenox
9x dinner plate 14.00 each
10x salad plate 9.99 each
6x bread and butter plate 9.99 each
10x cup 8.99 each
10x saucer 8.99 each
1x coupe soup bowl 35.99
46 pieces in all, 350.00 for the full set (plus shipping)
can pick up or be shipped.
Can have all three sets 126 pieces in all for 2100.00(plus shipping) all sets in excellent condition

Please contact Billy at fore more information