Towle Silversmiths has an extensive history that dates to 17th century England. William Moulton, along with his two brothers, journeyed across the sea to make a home in Hampton, New Hampshire. It was here that the Moultons would work in silver, establishing themselves in the area as respected silversmiths. The lineage of Moultons continued in silver into the 19th century, with William Moulton IV opening a shop with two apprentices, Anthony Francis Towle and William P. Jones. At Moulton IV's death, the shop was bequeathed to his son Joseph Moulton. Unlike his father and the Moultons before him, he didn't choose to continue on the family legacy. He instead sold the silver business to the apprentices Towle and Jones, and in 1857, Towle & Jones, Co. was established. In 1890, the company created the trademark of a large script 'T' encircled by a lion. The silver business would then become Towle Silversmiths. Their sterling silver became the standard in the industry, with U.S. embassies adopting the "Marie Louise" pattern and many other honorable accomplishments. Today, early silver pieces made by the Moulton family are on display in the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

We stock a lovely array of Towle flatware pieces that will be excellent replacements for your collection or options for gifts for loved ones. We offer popular and uncommonly seen patterns, including flatware like soup spoons, hollow knives, forks, and more. Are you unable to find the right Towle pattern you need? Our inventory is constantly updating as our expert team scours auctions and estate sales to find the best of the best items. This means that if you can't find your specific piece today, check back with us in a few weeks to a month. You can register your pattern with us so that once we obtain pieces from it, we'll be able to notify you by email so you won't miss out on new Towle replacement flatware options.

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