Baccarat St. Remy

All About Baccarat St. Remy

Brand:  Baccarat     Pattern:  St. Remy

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued

Description:  Its simple design captures crystal in its purest form.  The Baccarat logo etched on its base distinguishes it from other stemware.

Theme:  Modern     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Fair     Best Uses:  Cocktails

The St. Remy pattern was made by Baccarat Crystal of France.   Named after a church, it is one of few simple designs that the brand produced. 

Baccarat, after all, with its more than 250 years in craftsmanship,  is known for its elegant designs not only in tableware, but also in jewelry, home decors, lighting, and even perfume and liquor bottles.  It has since diversified and opened a posh hotel in New York.     

This is a collection which is certainly not a gamble!

Our favorite is the Champagne flute with its slim silhouette. 

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