Raynaud Tropic Bleu

 All About Raynaud Tropic Bleu

Brand: Raynaud     Pattern: Tropic Bleu     Pattern #: TROPB

Manufacturer Status:  Active   In Production:  2001-

Description: blue band and verge, blue trim

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Informal, Summer

This pattern was manufactured by the Raynaud company, based in France. Like some of Raynaud's other pieces, this pattern features a simple but very bright band of blue color. Even just looking at the Tropic Bleu pieces seems to cheer you up. This pattern is best suited for happy occasions or celebrations, whether you are hosting a party or just having some friends over for a meal. The colors are great for use in the summer when the rest of the world is just as colorful. If you like to mix and match, Tropic also comes in red, green, and turquoise.

Our favorite Raynaud Tropic Bleu pieces are the dinner plate as well as the saucer.

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