Mottahedeh Strawberry Vine

All About Mottahedeh Strawberry Vine

Brand:  Mottahedeh     Pattern:  Strawberry Vine

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued     In Production:  1986 - 1990

Description:  Gold-trimmed hard porcelain accentuated with red strawberries, gold vines, and green leaves. 

Theme:  Casual     Dishwashing Method:  Dishwasher-safe     Secondary Market Value:  Fair     Best Uses:  Everyday

Short-lived though as it was, this continental 20th century design still makes it a good addition to your collection.  Mottahedeh dinnerware is known for its durability and can be placed both in the dishwasher and oven. 

Mottahedeh products are primarily manufactured in Europe, with the largest production coming from Portugal.  This 90-year old company focuses on beautiful and complex colors, strong and solid artworks that make their products difficult to resist.   The company is recognized for its antique reproductions in ceramic, hard porcelain, faience, and stoneware.  Its founders, Rafi (who comes from Iran) and Mildred Mottahedeh (who is US-bred), were bounded by their love for Persian art.    

Our favorite is the Mottahedeh Strawberry Vine Flat Cup and Saucer Set – it has a quaint Middle Eastern feel to it.  

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