J.L. Coquet Hemisphere

 All About J.L. Coquet Hemisphere

Brand: J.L. Coquet     Pattern: Hemisphere     

Manufacturer Status:  Active     

Description: colors vary, embossed concentric rings

 Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe     Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses: Formal, Informal 

This pattern is manufactured by J.L. Coquet, based in France. Hemisphere itself is not one singular pattern as it spans across many different pattern numbers and colors, but all have the same basic template, which includes embossed concentric rings around the outsides of the pieces. By different colors, for example, Hemisphere Gold will have gold rings and Hemisphere White will be all white. Because this same template is shared, it becomes extremely easy to mix and match different colors depending on your own personal style and preference. On that same note, if you like the look of the pieces, there are many different colors to choose from to get just the right set for your collection. The design is simple enough and versatile enough that it can be used not only with a wide range of other china, crystal, and flatware, but also for almost any situation, whether formal or informal.

Our favorite Hemisphere pieces are the gold dinner plate as well as the white dessert plate.

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