Gien Filet Bleu

All About Gien Filet Bleu China

Brand: Gien Pattern: Filet Bleu 

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued

Description: White surface, blue ring with scalloped trim edging Theme: Simplistic

Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe (Probable)  Secondary Market Value: Good  Best Uses: Formal and Informal

This Filet Bleu pattern was manufactured by the Gien company. If traditional is what you are looking for than this pattern is what you should get. The simplistic elgance is perfect within this pattern. This pattern is dishwasher safe, so you are free to use it day after day. How perfect. You will want to add this perfect pattern to your collection. Simple elegance and classic beatuy. 

Our favorite Glen Filet Bleu pieces are the dinner plate and the coupe cereal bowl. 

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