Aynsley Leighton-Cobalt (Scalloped)

Brand: Aynsley

Pattern: Leighton Cobalt Scalloped

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued

Dishwashing Method: Handwash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Cobalt and Gold Band, Brown Print

Material: Bone China

In Production: 1985 – 2002

The Leighton Cobalt Scalloped pattern by Aynsley was introduced way back in 1985, and it got out of production in 2002. Gold band, cobalt band, and brown print of this pattern give it a sophisticated look.  

You can have a luncheon plate to decorate your dining table with the Leighton Cobalt Scalloped pattern. Being white-based, it can even complement your existing dinnerware. Add them to your collection, as these simple yet beautiful pattern plates are perfect for your everyday use.

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