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Wedgwood Osborne

Wedgwood Osborne


 All About Wedgwood Osborne

Brand: Wedgwood     Pattern: Osborne      Pattern #: R4699

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1983-2006

Description: Gold rim, black dots & border, orange, yellow & blue flower boquets on white background

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Strong     Best Uses: Formal family dining


This Osborne pattern was manufactured for 23 years by the Wedgwood China company, based in England. Wedgwood Osborne is a truly beautiful pattern & a classic Wedgwood. It is the perfect china pattern for family dinners or get-togther. Genreally a good way of determining a patterns popularity is the length of time it was made for & in the case of  the Wedgwood Osborne pattern it clearly was & still is a very popular pattern seeing that Wedgwood manufactured it for 23 years just recently discontinuing it 5 yeasr ago in 2006. The Osborne pattern brings a bold design to the table with its stark white background & dark colored design with brightly colored fruits bringing many different contrasting colors together very nicely. Wedgwood also manufactures patterns with a bit less boldness to them if you are seeking a pattern that wont stand out as much such as the Wedgwood Belle Fleur pattern which features the traditional Wedgwood white background but has a pale blue design of flowers which is more subtle the the Osborn pattern. The center design in the Osborne pattern is commonly found in Wedgwood patterns like the Wedgwood Columbia pattern which also features a center in its design & adds immeasurably to an already elegant design.


Our favorite Wedgwood Osborne pieces are the soup tureen as well as the square cake plate


Size: 10 7/8

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Wedgwood Osborne Salad Plate
$29.99   $23.99
Size: 8 1/8

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Wedgwood Osborne Salad Plate
$29.99   $23.99
Size: 8 1/8" 2nd quality


Size: 6

6 item(s)

Size: 10 1/8

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Wedgwood Osborne Gravy Boat
$199.95   $159.99

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Size: 11" small chip on top edge


Size: 5 1/2"

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Size: (3 HOLES)


Wedgwood Osborne Teapot & Lid
$249.95   $199.99
Size: 3 7/8 (4 CUP)