Weimer 24 Piece Portrait Plates Green Madonna Circa 1981

A porcelain scenic or picture plate set made by Weimer circa 1980 in best estimation. I believe that it was called Green Madonna. There are 24 pieces in total. These real pieces are extremely rare and much nicer than the later copies. The center has a mythological type scene in it. 

The plate has an opaque green accent to it. A perfect blend of modern style with a vintage art. The central design is of the best quality you will ever find, there are 2 different hand painted designs throughout the set. This was all hand painted.
The colors are strong and the design looks lifelike not flat like the later copies.

Not sure what the name of this painting is but there are three ladies on one side two of which are partially nude and leaning on a tree is an angel or maybe cupid. 

The other portrait has two female hunters kissing in front of a tree. The angel or cupid is watching in the background.
An amazing example of what an artist is capable of! And best of all the plate is in superb condition with a tiny bit of wear to gilding, but it is very very minor. Minor wear on portraits
The set includes
Qty 6 Plates 9.5 inches
Qty 6 Plates 8 inches
Qty 1 plate 11 inches
Qty 6 Bowls 9 inches
Qty 1 Bowl 10 inches
Qty 1 Cream, butter or gravy dish. Plate is attached
Serving platter 13 long x 9 inches wide
Serving pot approx 9 x 5 inches (includes lid and has handles)

$1,500 or best offer. Pictures available upon request


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