What you need to know about the Waterford Lismore Crystal pattern:


Waterford Lismore is an inspiration from the landscape and skills passed down generation to generation. Such a story lies behind Lismore, the most enduring crystal-cut in history. The Lismore Collection was launched in 1952 and now, over 66 years later, it is the only design from this period that still remains. Of all of Waterford Crystal’s cuts Lismore is the most loved, continuing to add grace and beauty to any home. You will find the spark of inspiration behind the elegant collection at Lismore Castle in the village of Lismore, Co. Waterford. The Castle is perched spectacularly on a cliff high above the River Backwater near the Knockmealdown Mountains. It has passed through many owners and endured many wars; been the seat of archbishops, a home of Sir Walter Raleigh and to the Earl of Cork. For centuries now it has been in the possession of the Dukes of Devonshire.


The leaded windows and turrets of this picturesque Castle have been recreated in the cutting pattern. A classic crystal that has simple cuts and balanced beauty as fresh today as they were when they were first inspired. It is the combination of wedge cuts and open plain diamond cutting which has become synonymous with the Lismore Collection. 2012 marked six decades of Lismore, and the Lismore 60th Anniversary Collection, including the Lismore Saucer Champagne celebration piece, acclaims an iconic crystal pattern. Much emulated as the zenith of perfection, brilliance and beauty, it is also a universal symbol of chic elegance. Here’s to the next sixty years of Lismore and the dream of living a crystal life!


This pattern has many pieces.  Some to look for:


  • There are several styles of the Water Goblet. 6 7/8” 8 oz 16 point cut, Black water goblet, 8 ½”, and Tall Water Goblet, 8 ¼”
  • There are several different styles of Champagne Glasses. Champagne/Tall Sherbet 4 1/8”, Fluted Champagne 7 ¼”, Black Fluted Champagne 9 ¼”, Crimson Fluted Champagne (9 ¼”), Red Fluted Champagne 9 3/8”, Tall Fluted Champagne 8 5/8”, Toasting Fluted Champagne 9 ¼”  
  • There are several different styles of wine glasses: Balloon Wine 7 5/8”, Oversized Wine 7 ¼”, Tall Wine 7 5/8”, White Wine 5 ½”, Wine Hock 7 ½”, Crimson Wine Hock 7 3/8”, Port Wine 4 ¼” 2 oz, and Claret Wine 5 7/8” 6 oz.
  • There are two different sizes in tumblers. 5 oz Flat Tumbler 3 ½”, 5 oz Tumbler 4 5/8 in, 5.5 OZ, Round/Toasting,  6 oz Flat Tumbler, 4 1/8 in, FLARED/SIPPING, 7 oz Flat Tumbler 3 1/8: Straight Side, 7 oz Flat Tumbler 3 5/8” rounded, 10 oz Flat Tumbler 4 ½”, 12 oz Flat Tumbler 4”, 12 oz Flat Tumbler 3 3/4 in, OGHAM "FATHER", 9 oz Footed Tumbler 4 3/8”,
  • Irish Coffee comes in 3 Styles: 5 3/8” smooth Stem, 6 ½”, 5 5/8” 5 3/8 in, MULTISIDED STEM
  • Some unusual pieces are the 7” Handled Basket, Biscuit Barrel and Lid, Flared Bowl 11 5/8”, 10” Statement Centerpiece.
  • Various Vases
  • Various Candle Holders
  • Various Bowls