Royal Crown Derby Kedleston: All You Need To Know

Royal Crown Derby Kedleston china (pattern Number: A1315) is among the most elegant patterns of Royal Crown Derby. Manufactured from 1986 to 2009, this beautiful pattern stands out with sleek golden bands on the white ground that make it a perfect dinnerware for your formal parties. The cobalt blue band accompanied by diamonds, dots, and golden lining gives it a sophisticated look, and the thick golden trim in it completes its designing by adding a touch of modernity to the pattern.

What you need to know about the Royal Crown Derby Kedleston China pattern:

This pattern makes you available with numerous similar products in different shapes and sizes. These comprise:

  • The plate sizes and shapes are: Round Dinner ( 10 1/2"), Octagonal Luncheon (8 7/8"), Round Salad (8 1/2"), Crescent Salad (8 7/8"), Round Bread (6 1/4")
  • The different sizes and shapes in bowls: Open Sugar (2 3/8") and (2 1/8"), Rice (4 3/4"), Salad (9 5/8"), Rim Soup (8 1/2") and (9"), Coupe Cereal (6 1/2")
  • There are two types of sugar bowls: One with lid and other without
  • Cup & Saucer Set are available in two sizes: Flat (2 5/8") and Oversized (3")
  • There are two sizes in oval vegetable bowls: (10 1/4") and (10 7/8")
  • The oval serving platter comes in two sizes: (13 5/8") and (16")
  • There are two sizes in Teapot & Lid: (4 5/8") and (5 3/4")
  • Creamer, Tureen & Lid, Salt & Pepper Set, Octagonal Bowl are some of the other interesting products in this pattern.

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