Lenox Ming Birds Pattern

Our family is in possession of antique Lenox Ming Birds pattern china (black stamp) we are looking to sell. 

We have 4 dinner plates, 4 salad and 10 lunch plates as well as an oval serving bowl, 1 tureen serving bowl with handles and round serving plate. In addition, we have 4 double handled cups with saucers, 4 regular styled cups with saucers and 4 bread and butter plates. 

Please contact us at jasonsk123@yahoo.com for any questions. Prices below do not reflect shipping.

Dinner plates $55.00 each
Salad plates $16.00 each
Lunch plates $16.00 each
Cups with saucers $25.00 each
Double handled cups with saucers $30 each
Bread and Butter plates $9.00 each

Oval serving bowl $70.00
Tureen serving Bowl with handles $80.00
Round serving platter $55.00