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Lenox Kelly 47-piece dinner set includes place settings and table accessories. Design trim colors are green, gold, blue, and black; base color of all items is white/ivory. 

Has been owned for 16 years and used no more than a dozen times. Was kept in storage when not in use. Was taken very good care of: hand washing only and gentle handling. As a result, this set has no scratches (except for small scratch on candy dish - see below), no chips, and is in excellent condition.

All 47 pieces are being sold as a set for $975 or may be purchased individually. See prices below. Set includes:

8 dinner plates

8 salad plates

8 dessert/bread plates

8 cups

8 saucers (all 40 pieces above are $720; one place setting is $90)

1 vegetable bowl - 9.25" wide x 3" deep ($50)

1 serving platter - 13" oval ($50)

1 sugar bowl with lid - 3.5" x 3.5" ($40)

1 creamer - 3.5" x 3.5" ($40)

1 candy/food dish - 8.25" x 6.5" rectangular (the decorative trim has one small scratch in the design; the ivory underneath blends in, so it is hard to see) ($35)

1 set of salt & pepper shakers - 2" wide x 3.5" tall ($40)

Shipping available by seller in the NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area only or pick-up at my home; no postal shipping. Cost of shipping $20 maximum depending upon location. Located in city of Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey. If interested to talk about items and price or have any questions, please contact through email:

To view pictures of these items, please visit "" Under the North Jersey section, look for "for sale" and scroll down and click on "household." Look under the Thursday, August 7 postings for seven individual postings entitled "LENOX KELLY .... in Bayonne, NJ." All accessory items are listed individually and the 40-pc. dining set is listed as one.

Thank you for your interest!