How To Find Classic Replacements' Location in Airmont, NY

1) Locate our address: 386 Rt. 59, Airmont, NY 10952. We are a red brick building, located on Rt. 59 between Spook Rock Rd. and College Rd., about four buildings removed from the College Rd. corner. Please note: We have found that entering the zip code into your GPS can be beneficial so as to avoid confusion with other Rt 59 addresses in the area.


Here is a close up of our building:


Once you pull into the parking lot, head toward the back of the building and down the driveway to your right. You will see a set of double doors. Give us a call then at (845) 357-0160 to let us know that you are here and someone will come out to greet you.

In the unlikely circumstance that no one answers the phone, you can come up to our office, which is in suite #408, located in the last (third) door of the building, the door closest to the driveway/back of the building.

We look forward to seeing you soon!