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Lunt Tattoo

 All About Lunt Tattoo

Brand: Lunt     Pattern: Tattoo (Stainless) 

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  Unknown

Description: stainless, satin, black accent

 Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Informal 

This pattern was manufactured by the Lunt company. As the name suggests, these pieces have a black accent in a way that resembles a tattoo. These stainless pieces have a satin finish that adds to the tattoo design for a polished and finished look. You can use this set to add some uniqueness to your table to balance out a more simple set of china, or you can use it with a bold pattern for a really strong look.

Our favorite Lunt Tattoo pieces are the solid bar knife as well as the pie and cake server.

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