Gorham Silver Golden Melon Bud (Stainless-Gold)

Brand: Gorham

Pattern: Golden Melon Bud (Stainless Gold)

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued

Dishwashing Method: Hand wash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Shiny, Gold tip

Material: Stainless Steel

In Production: 1982 – 2007

Golden Melon Bud is a flatware pattern that was introduced by Gorham in 1982. It had a great run in the productions and served 25 years before getting discontinued in 2007. The beautiful design of the flatware features a lustrous body with gold engravings at the bottom.

With the flatware pattern on the dinner table, your guest will be delighted and honored with this beautiful gesture. It adds significant value to the food served on the dinner table. Get ready for the compliments from your guests!


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