Varga Majestic Raspberry

 All About Varga Majestic Raspberry

Brand: Varga     Pattern: Majestic Raspberry     

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  2010-

Description: raspberry color, grey details

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Formal, Entertaining

This pattern was manufactured from 2010 by the Varga Crystal company, based in Hungary. If you want something with a very distinct and bold look, then the Majestic Raspberry definitely fits the description. Beautifully faceted crystal stems are topped off with raspberry-colored goblets, complete with pale grey details. It has an almost art deco feel to it, perfect for entertaining a party of guests in a fun yet formal setting. The pattern was only around for a short time, making it a bit difficult to acquire, but very satisfying if you manage to obtain it.

Our favorite Varga Majestic Raspberry pieces are the highball glass as well as the old fashioned glass.

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