All About Varga Crystal

Brand: Varga Country HQ: Hungary Year Founded: 1976

Company Status: Active Founded By: Ildiko and Sandor Varga

Makers of: Crystal

Description: Along with Herend, Varga is one of Hungary's national dinnerware treasures. Based in Budapest, Hungary and beloved all over the world by all true crystal connoisseurs. It is hard to exaggerate the superb quality of the old-world craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece of Varga crystal. Every piece is a joy to behold and hold.

A rare and difficult process is used to create Varga pieces called copper point and diamond-wheel engraving. Don't ask me what that is, but by judging by the results it produces, it is truly one of a kind in crystal artwork. Every piece has the weight, presence and intricacy needed to claim the top echelon in crystal-ware. All pieces are mouth-blown and fully handcrafted by Varga-trained artisans.

Varga has been known to be highly collectible all over the world by museums, royalty, heads of state, celebrities, moguls and all who take an interest and appreciate fine art crystal and glass. It's emphasis on quality at the expense of quantity explains it's presence in only the most discerning of collections.

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