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Wedgwood Bianca


All About Wedgwood Bianca China

Brand: Wedgwood   Pattern: Bianca (Williamsburg Mark)

Pattern#: R4499

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued   In Production: 1973 - 1997

Description: Gold trim, raspberry colored verge, white background w/flowers, border of flowers   Theme: Elegant, summery

Dishwashing Method: Handwash  Secondary Market Value: Good  Best Uses: Summer & Springtime dining


This Bianca pattern has been manufactured for 24 years by the Wedgwood china company based in the UK. The Wedgwood Bianca pattern is very similar to several other patterns by this manufactuerer & is what we would call a classic Wedgwood. Although Wedgwood features many different designs this pattern is part of a trend of flowery patterns by Wedgwood like the Wedgwood Chinese Flowers pattern which is very similar looking to the Wedgwood Bianca pattern & was manufactured in the same time frame. A contrasting pattern which leans away from the flowery design would be a pattern like Wedgwood Oberon although that pattern has a few flowery pieces like the salad plate & the cup & saucer set. 


We find the most popular pieces in the Wedgwood Bianca pattern are the dinner plate & the round salad bowl


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