In 1783, Waterford was established in the Irish harbor town of the same name by brothers William and George Penrose. The two were significant developers and exporters in the city, which led them to pursue a vision to "create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home." The Penrose brothers' glass was immediately applauded and became known for its clarity and purity of color. Waterford was largely successful for many years, until 1853, when it was forced to shut its doors. The lack of capitalization made it too difficult for many businesses to stay afloat. Waterford remained dormant until after World War II. A glass maker named Kael Bacik and Miroslav Havel teamed up and began studying examples of the Penrose brothers' crystal work from the 18th and 19th centuries at the National Museum of Ireland. This formed the basis on which Havel would build a successful crystal company and go on to create the Lismore, the world's best-selling crystal pattern. Maintaining what the Penrose brother prioritized, Waterford now offers fine china, flatware, and many other high-quality products. Waterford now creates the trophies for the PGA Tour of America as well as the New Year's Eve Ball dropped in Times Square.

We stock a vast assortment of Waterford replacement china and discontinued patterns here at Classic Replacements. In this collection, you'll find popular patterns from days past with gorgeous plates, cups, creamers, platters, bowls, and more. Choose complete place settings on singular items to finish your own collection. These discontinued Waterford patterns are special to own and even more so to keep in the family. Display them in a cabinet, break them out for holidays, or use a few pieces for everyday dining. How you use your china is totally up to you! Can't find the pattern you're looking for? Register it with us and once our team obtains it, we'll be able to notify you by email so you don't miss out.

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