Vera Wang Love Knots

 All About Vera Wang Love Knots

Brand: Vera Wang     Pattern: Love Knots     Pattern #: 501439

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  2006-2008

Description: bow on gray, platinum trim and dots

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Good     Best Uses: Formal, Weddings 

This pattern was manufactured for around 2  years by the Vera Wang company, based in the United States. It has a gray border with a tied bow design, topped off with a platinum trim and series of dots. The name suggests tying the knot, making this pattern a great choice for weddings and other occasions that are all about love. This pattern was only made for just a couple of years, making it more rare than other patterns that were in production longer. If these pieces are just what you're looking for, then be sure to get them while you can.

Our favorite Vera Wang Love Knots pieces are the sugar bowl as well as the teapot.

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