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Spode Colonel-Blue

All About Spode Colonel Blue Gold China

Brand: Spode   Pattern: Colonel Blue Gold   Pattern# R6235

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued   In Production: 1962 - 2009

Description: Scalloped edge, gold trim, border of blue flowers

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Fair

This Colonel Blue Gold pattern was manufactured for 47 years by the Spode china company based in the UK. The Spode Colonel Blue Gold pattern is a beautiful floral pattern & looks great for summer use. Judging by the length of time the Colonel Blue Gold pattern was manufactured for it appears that it was highly popular & by the demand we get for it it is still quite sought after. Spode patterns have a certain common theme like the scalloped edge on this pattern is found on many other patterns by Spode, to name on example the Spode Fleur De Lys Grey pattern which also features a similar scalloped edge. The perfect crystal match in our opinion for the Spode Colonel Blue Gold pattern is Lenox Classic Shell Gold . The gold trim on both patterns match very well & the shell design on the crystal & floral design on the china both compliment each other extremly well.

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$221.99 $188.99
Size: Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Bread & Butter Plate, Flat Cup & Saucer Set
10 item(s)

$89.95 $75.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 10 5/8 in
17 item(s)

$59.99 $50.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 8 1/8 in
12 item(s)

$19.99 $16.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 6 3/8 in
15 item(s)

$33.99 $28.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 2 1/8 in
10 item(s)

$399.95 $339.99
1 item(s)

$239.95 $191.96
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 4 3/4" (4 Cup)

$33.99 $28.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 2 1/8"

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