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Spode Rose Briar

 All About Spode Rose Briar

Brand: Spode      Pattern: Rose Briar      Pattern #: 2/7896

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1932-1971

Description: White background, weave border, inner border of red,purple & yellow roses

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value:  Fair    

Best Uses: Formal summer & springtime dining

This Rose Briar pattern was manufactured for 39 years by the Spode China company ,based in England . The discontinued Spode Rose Briar pattern is a pattern that will catch anyones eye as soon as they walk in to the room. The Rose Briar pattern is an elegant & simple looking pattern with eye catching colors even though they are quite muted, the border of roses on the pattern is done in beautiful & accurate colors & look like they are real roses if they where not on this beautiful Rose Briar pattern. The weave on the Rose Briar pattern is called a basket weave & adds to the elegant simplicty of the pattern, giving it an exquisite design without making it very flashy. The Rose Briar pattern is quite an old pattern & was manufactured a total of thirty nine years making it quite an obviously popular pattern at the time. The Rose Briar patterns design is more of a typical Spode design of that era as can be seen from other Spode patterns from then like the Spode Chelsea Garden pattern, Spode started to change their pattern to a more modern look in the late 1980s as can be see from a pattern like Spode Stafford Flowers.

Our favorite Spode Rose Briar pieces are the dinner plate  as well as the oval vegetable bowl.

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