All About Spode China

Brand: Spode Country HQ: England Year Founded: 1767 

Company Status: Active Founded By: Josiah Spode

Makers of: China, Pottery


Growing up in the early 18th century, Josiah Spode I worked for a number of potters in Staffordshire, England. One of these potters was Thomas Whieldon, one of the best in the area. In the village of Stokes-on-Trent, a well-known pottery hub, Spode would hone his skills during his teenage years and open his own pottery business in 1767. His son, Josiah Spode II, was born in 1755 and would enter the family business when he became of age. He trained as a potter as well and helped run the Spode warehouse in London. In 1797, he took the reins from his father and led the company into the production of bone china. This type of porcelain would become the Spode hallmark, as they worked to perfect the recipe for the unique china. A man named William Copeland also partnered with Spode II in 1797, which colored the next chapter for the pottery company. When Spode II died in 1827, William's Copeland's son bought the entire business from the Trustees of Josiah Spode III. The company would then operate as Copeland and Garratt (a partner that came on) until 1847 when William Copeland decided to continue solo. In 1970, the company was again renamed back to Spode.

Spode has had quite the trajectory since its 18th-century start, and its china patterns tell that story through their back stamps. We offer dozens of gorgeous Spode china replacements in this collection, featuring some of their most popular patterns and less commonly seen ones as well. Find the perfect pattern and china pieces like dinner plates, teapots, bowls, coffee pots, cups, and much more. Can't find what you're looking for? Not to worry! We constantly sift through auctions and estate sales, bringing in new inventory every month. Register the pattern you're searching for with us so that once we obtain pieces from it, we can let you know via email.

With a history of serving royalty and even as the dinnerware for the Titanic, Spode is a renowned name that belongs in your china collection! If you have other questions about our selection of Spode china replacements, please call us at (845) 357-0160 to speak with our knowledgeable sales staff.

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