Royal Doulton Tennyson

All About Royal Doulton Tennyson

Brand: Royal Doulton Pattern: Tennyson 

Manufacturer Status: Active In Production: 1997- current

Description: Gold trim & verge, white background, maroon design Theme: Holidays & classic

Dishwashing Method: N/A Secondary Market Value: Fair  Best Uses: Fall & holiday dining

This Tennyson pattern is currently in production since 1997 by the Royal Doulton China company, based in the UK. The Tennyson pattern is one of those patterns that lean towards the holidays based on their design & their specialty holiday items in the pattern. This pattern is one of the newer Royal Doulton designs & shows their shift away from the traditional & towards the more modern & themed designs. If you look at a pattern like Royal Doulton Kingswood & compare it to the Tennyson pattern you can get a feel for their older & newer styles.

Our favorite Royal Doulton Tennyson pieces are the holiday salad plates and the accent plate.

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