Royal Crown Derby Chinese Birds (Beige)

All About Royal Crown Derby Chinese Birds (Beige)

Brand:  Royal Crown Derby     Pattern:  Chinese Birds (Beige)

Description:  White birds and flowers on scalloped beige background with gold rim

Theme:  Oriental     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Good     Best Uses:  Ornamental

This pattern features white birds and flowers on a delicately waved beige plate trimmed in gold.  Its oriental influence makes it best for ornamental use. 

This collection was produced by Royal Crown Derby of England which was established way back in 1750 (268 years in operation as of this writing!).  The company is known for their decorative tableware and giftware.  The company is bent on always coming up with innovative and bold designs without deviating from its centuries-old craftsmanship and provenance.   

We like the dessert plate – perfect for a slice of caramel cake matched with latte in the flat demitasse cup!

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