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Royal Copenhagen

All About Royal Copenhagen China

Brand: Royal Copenhagen Country HQ: Copenhagen Year Founded: 1775 

Company Status: Active Founded By: Frantz Heinrich Muller

Makers of: China, Collectibles

Description: The Royal Copenhagen company started as a means for Denmark to have easier access to tableware similar to what was being produced in Asia at the time. Frantz Heinrich Muller founded the company in 1775 and worked on finding the right mixture of materials to produce quality porcelain products. King Christian VII took financial control of the company only four years later and services were made for the royal family. This continued on into the mid- and late- 1800s when Royal Copenhagen began being noticed on a larger and more international scale. Over time, their reputation grew as did their assets, and their china and collectibles became available to a broader and more general public. The company has seen a few ownership changes, but is currently owned by the Finnish company Fiskars.

Some of Royal Copenhagen's most popular pieces are also among some of its oldest. Among these are Blue Fluted, Tranquebar, and Blue Flowers, though they are also known for their long-standing tradition of making Christmas themed patterns.