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All About Royal Copenhagen China

Brand: Royal Copenhagen Country HQ: Copenhagen Year Founded: 1775 

Company Status: Active Founded By: Frantz Heinrich Muller

Makers of: China, Collectibles

Description:Royal Copenhagen is a world-renowned china manufacturer hailing from the country of Denmark. Best known for their hand-painted dishes, the iconic logo is comprised of three wavy lives symbolizing Denmark's three straits: Storebælt, Lillebælt and Øresund. In 1775, chemist Frantz Heinrich Müller was given a 50-year monopoly to create porcelain to increase availability in Denmark. From his work came the famous "Blue Fluted" dinner service, which still remains popular today, and many other patterns. The company manufactured china for the royal family regularly, and in 1779, King Christian VII assumed financial responsibility for the company and deemed it the Royal Porcelain Factory. After winning the Grand Prix, Royal Copenhagen earned international exposure. The company has continued producing unique, never before seen china patterns that are beloved around the world. Many of their original patterns are considered rare collectibles and often go for large sums at estate sales and auctions. In 2012, the company was acquired by Fiskars.

We carry a wide array of replacement Royal Copenhagen china here at Classic Replacements. Whether you're shopping to get that final missing piece, gift a specific dish to a loved one, or begin a china collection, Royal Copenhagen is the perfect china company to choose. In these patterns, you'll find ornate plates, cups, bowls, tureens, coffee pots, vases, and so much more. If you don't see the right discontinued Royal Copenhagen china pattern you need, don't worry. Our inventory is constantly changing because our team visits estate sales and auctions to bring in new pieces every month. This means that in a few weeks, we might have the Royal Copenhagen option you've been wanting. To make sure you don't miss out, register your pattern with us so that once we obtain pieces from it, we can notify you via email. 100% authentic Replacement Royal Copenhagen china is easily found in our inventory.

No matter what brands you have in your china collection, Royal Copenhagen should be one of them! If you have other questions about our selection of Royal Copenhagen replacement china, please call us at (845) 357-0160 to speak with our knowledgeable sales staff.

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