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Richard Ginori Palermo-Rust (Red)

All About Richard Ginori Palermo Rust (Red)

Brand:  Richard Ginori     Pattern:  Palermo Rust (Red)

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued     In Production:  1977 - 1995

Description:  Glossy white porcelain, gold trim with embossed ribbon detail, ¼” rust-red band.  Good condition.  Made in Italy. 

Theme:  Casual     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Fair     Best Uses:  Everyday

Palermo Rust (Red) falls under the Impero line of the Bianco collection of Richard Ginori.  It is perhaps because of its simpler, more subtle design that contributed to the longevity of this pattern (almost 2 decades in production).  Its functionality aided with the gold accent makes it a good choice for those who have a taste for luxury without necessarily being flamboyant. 

This pattern originates from Doccia Porcelain of Florence, which was founded in 1735 by Marchese Carlo Ginori.  He was motivated by his interest in the production of “white gold” which is how porcelain was known during that time.  When he died in 1757, his work was continued by his sons (Bartolomeo, Francesco, Lorenzo, and Niccolò) who introduced a new, whiter body glazed for increased whiteness compared to their father’s original grayish and less glossy works.  The company became known as Richard Ginori after its merger with Societa Ceramica Richard of Milan in 1896.   

Aside from Red, Richard Ginori Palermo is also available in Blue, Black, and Green.  

Our favorites are:  the 22-inch oval platter (perfect for serving fish among others), the gravy boat that comes with a ladle and underplate; and lastly, the very modern-looking coffee and tea cups.    

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