Richard Ginori Palermo-Rust (Red)

Brand: Richard Ginori

Pattern: Palermo-Rust (Red)

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued

Dishwashing Method: Handwash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Gold Encrusted, Rust-Red Band

Material: Bone China

In Production: 1977 - 1995

Richard Ginori launched its Palermo-Rust (Red) pattern in 1977, and it was out of production in 1995 after remaining active for 18 years. The pattern showcases a rust-red and gold-encrusted band on the white base that gives formal dinnerware a beautiful look.

You can add this patterned dinnerware in your dinnerware collection. During your dinner or luncheon party, when you serve salad and snacks to your guests in Richard Ginori Palermo-Rust (Red) salad plate, they will applaud your collection.

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