Raynaud Tropic Vert

 All About Raynaud Tropic Vert

Brand: Raynaud     Pattern: Tropic Vert     Pattern #: TROPV

Manufacturer Status:  Active   In Production:  2001-

Description: green band, green verge, menton shape

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Informal, Summer

This pattern has been manufactured since 2001 by the Raynaud company, based in France. This pattern may seem simple, having a white background with a colored band and verge, but it definitely contains its own sort of beauty and excitement. This beautiful bright green color is sure to add some joy and fun to any dinner table. It works well in any upbeat and jovial occasions, such as parties or celebrations, though, of course, you could use this set when you have a close get together with friends, too. The Tropic pattern also comes in blue, pink, and turquoise.

Our favorite Raynaud Tropic Vert pieces are the flat demitasse cup & saucer set as well as the coffee pot & lid.

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