Noritake Crestwood Cobalt Platinum

 All About Noritake Crestwood Cobalt Platinum

Brand: Noritake     Pattern: Crestwood Cobalt Platinum     Pattern #: 4170

Manufacturer Status:  Active   In Production:  2001-

Description: cobalt blue band, platinum details

 Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe     Secondary Market Value: Good     Best Uses: Formal, Informal

This pattern has been manufactured since 2001 by the Noritake China company, based in Japan. The Crestwood Cobalt Platinum pieces have beautiful deep blue bands on them that are topped off with platinum details. The colors work very well together, making for a strong look. These items are definitely of a good value, not only for their quality, but also for their range of use. Whether you're hosting a formal or informal gathering, this pattern is a great choice for adding some extra class and fanciness. Cleaning up will be easy because the pattern is dishwasher safe, too. When it comes to beauty, quality, and convenience, the Crestwood Cobalt Platinum has the whole package.

Our favorite Noritake Crestwood Cobalt Platinum pieces are the footed cup & saucer set as well as the coffee pot & lid.

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