Noritake Chandon

 All About Noritake Chandon

Brand: Noritake     Pattern: Chandon     Pattern #: 7306

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1988-2009

Description: white floral, gold trim

 Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe     Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses: Formal, Tea

This pattern was manufactured for 22 years by the Noritake China company, based in Japan. At first glance, this pattern may appear to be fairly plain, but upon closer inspection you will see the beautiful floral design. The floral is also white, making it blend in with the background a little, but giving a wonderfully beautiful look that is almost the definition of subtle. These graceful pieces would be perfect for a formal occasion or for serving high tea, though of course you can use them for whatever setting you see fit.

Our favorite Noritake Chandon pieces are the rim soup bowl as well as the dinner plate.

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