Noritake Barrymore

All About Noritake Barrymore

Brand: Noritake     Pattern: Barrymore     Pattern #: 9737

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1985-2006

Description: Ivory background, Pastel gray band, Pink, blue & white flora, Gold trim

Dishwashing Method: N/A     Secondary Market Value: Very Strong

This Barrymore pattern was manufactured for 21 years by the Noritake China company, based in Japan. The description of this highly popular pattern deserves elaboration. Dominated by it's creamy ivory background popularized in the US by Lenox, it's multicolor floral border creates a playful, beach-like atmosphere. Muted, soft is the underlying feature here, with bunches of flowers dominated by the large middle one. Blossoms and leaves include raised enamel exquisitely designed for detail. Peaches and cream is the overall flavor of this fine china pattern and it is sure to create an ambiance of elegance and pleasure as it graces your table.   This pattern was one of the twentieth centuries' 500 most popular china patterns.

Our favorite Noritake Barrymore  pieces are the stately coffee pot and lid as well as the uniquely shaped tea cup and saucer set.

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