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It was in the year 1887 when Ludwig Lindner founded the first porcelain factory in the town of Mitterteich in Bavaria, Germany.  In 1895 the factory was taken over by the London-based Max Emanuel & Co., a glass and porcelain retailer.  But during World War 1, the ownership was taken away from the British.  Demand eventually picked up after the war which led to the company’s expansion from 1925 up until 2005, when the company suddenly filed for bankruptcy - a move that shocked the city and its workers who were depending on the company for their livelihood.  Apparently, the company could not keep its costs down and unable to price competitively against porcelain manufacturers from other countries. Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Schmidling has taken over the factory sales in Mitterteich and continues to offer the possibility to obtain porcelain under the brands "MITTERTEICH - BAVARIA".  

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